Dragon Tiger Kung-Fu Club

Dragon Tiger Kung-Fu Club

In 1976, So Chek Bat (Dr. Jopet Laraya) founded the Oakville Martial Arts Club. He would later rename the school to Dragon Tiger Kung Fu in tribute and honour to the lineage of his instructors, the late Great Grandmaster Wong Pak San (Johnny Chiuten) and late Great Grandmaster Lao Kim. In this spirit, Dragon Tiger Kung Fu continues to provide lessons and enhance the practices of traditional and modern martial arts. Lessons are currently taught by So Chek Bat’s most active senior student, Sifu David Ellsmere.  These connections also include the honour of representing the Greater Toronto Area branch of the Hong Kong Chin Woo Athletic Association.


Dragon Tiger Kung Fu originated at the Fujian Temple in Southern China. Grandmaster Lau Garn/Goon Tiong/Lau Man Yiu (Lao Kim) (1896-2000) became the promoter of the temple’s fighting style, Hong Cha (Hong Jia). After leaving the Fujian Temple, Grandmaster Lau Garn/Goon Tiong/Lau Man Yiu travelled to the Philippines to teach Hong Cha. While residing in Manila Chinatown, Grandmaster Lau Garn/Goon Tiong/Lau Man Yiu met and mentored top student Wong Pak San (Johnny Chiuten).

In addition to his lessons in Hong Cha, Grandmaster Wong Pak San (Johnny Chiuten) (1934-2010) had an extensive martial arts background in Filipino Arnis, Tai Chi, Bagua, Shotokan, and Aikido. Combining what he learned, Grandmaster Wong Pak San took these applications and blended them into his own expression of martial arts known as Pronus – Supinus. He would then pass on his knowledge to his students Rene Navarro and So Chek Bat (Dr. Jopet Laraya).